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Studio Kappa, timelessness and personalization, unique multifunctional works of art: Multi-use, mix and match accessories, silver and bronze jewellery

Studio Kappa, timelessness and personalization, unique multifunctional works of art: Multi-use, mix and match accessories, silver and bronze jewellery

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Studio Kappa’s founder, Susanna, grew up in Prato in a family that steeped in the region’s strong textile industry. After working side by side with her father in the family’s own textile company, she decided to take her creativity and ingenuity and open her own studio, Kappa-Capponcelli (named after her father, who started signing his paintings with the nickname Kappa in 1977).


After benefitting from the exposure to the many aspects of his work and his talents, she went to Paris where she strengthened her rapport with clients as the representative of a textile businesses from Prato in the French market. Over the years her interests moved beyond just textiles to the limitless world of accessories: hats, scarves, belts, and even high quality costume jewellery, discovering the perfect products to fit the needs of her clients.

It is thanks to her clients, whose trust and faith in her abilities encouraged her become more outgoing and propose more fashion-forward pieces, all authentically Tuscan and of the highest quality, and most importantly truly unique. This, of course, made sales a pleasure, but she found it difficult sometimes to part with her one-of-kind pieces!


These two aspects, the fact that her accessories are 100% Tuscan (made by local artisans) and that they are one-of-a-kind, contribute in no small way to the inspiration behind her creative process. Susanna’s more exclusive personal line, K Collection, brings out her most playful side and can be found in stores in Firenze, Lucca, Pescia and Prato. 


The Kappa Product


Kappa pieces are the product of three fundamental elements: innovative ideas, primary materials and special collaborations. Susanna’s ideas come from personal experience, especially in the context of her home and family, where she feels most inspired. Her experience in Paris is reflected in every aspect of her work, as she developed over the years a strong sense of what is needed to make the best product possible. In this way she was able to discover quality artisans and experts in Tuscany who became her partners in the creation process.


Susanna describes her process by saying that, “the creation of each piece has its own specific path, depending on its function. I work with many laboratories, some whose strength is in welding, others in assembly, or silversmithing or in setting stones. In short, each has its own specific task. The same goes for galvanization or gold plating. I work with five different workshops because by now I have figured out who is the best for adding colour to a piece."


Nearly everything is created by her numerous collaborators, each curating an essential step of the production process. Then Susanna and her team take over with the final step: assembly. As a way of helping capable mothers looking for employment in the home, her plan is to enrol them to help her in this final step – just another example of what makes each piece unique.


The metal components are made up of plated bronze with various galvanized colours: gold, silver, rose gold, both polished and oxidized, each changing from batch to batch.
All of the stones used are semiprecious: agate, quartz, tourmaline, coral, turquoise, aventurine, amethyst, river pearls and onyx, and more.


Susanna gets the most enjoyment out of creating multifunctional pieces that can serve more than one purpose. This is where the idea came from for pouches with separate straps to make them purses, over-the-shoulder bags that become necklaces, and earrings that can also be pendants: objects that are by nature renewable and can continue to be useful and even gain in their utility over time. This is also true of the long-stranded necklaces that can be doubled or triples up, providing several looks for the price of one.


Reversible bags with bright and striking patterns with an alternative subtle, sober side are practical for all types of occasions and outfits, from ostentatious to classic, in the same way that her pouches can be used for storing bags or a variety of other functions from hamper to travel bag.


Many of her items are also available with custom features. Her dream one day is to open her own workshop where her clients can use their imagination to give personal touches (whether in stones, straps, or leather) for an even more unique shopping experience! 


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