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Viareggio Carnival & the Burlamacco

Burlamacco is the mask that represents the Carnival of Viareggio and appeared for the first time on the manifest of the carnival of 1931 and remained unnamed until 1939 when its founder, Uberto Bonetti, reported that the Tourism Committee of the Company and the OND commissioned in 1930 the realization of that poster and give a name to the form and figure of a woman with a costume chastised (Viareggio was also the city of the summer…), which was designed by his side and gave them Burlamacco name (pseudonym that Bonetti used when he signed his cartoons in a newspaper comic) and Ondina .


The name of that clown, which was a mix of clothing stolen from the other Italian masks, liked immediately to the Committee and to citizenship and received his baptism with lots of champagne, witnesses and the official nature of an act transcribed on parchment and signed by the Committee and Bonetti.

The name derives from the Burlamacco Florentine painter and character of the Decameron Buffalmacco, which has replaced the name buffa with burla; also had influence Burlamacchi surname, originally from Lucca, which had been used for the Burlamacca name used for the channel the port.


In its first version, Burlamacco is a mixture composed of the clothing taken from the masks of the Italian Commedia dell'Arte: the red hat is similar to the Rugantino one, his suit is red and white checkered dress like that of Harlequin, the white ruff and broad is the Captain Fear, a black cloak billowing typical Balanzone and a pompom puffs stolen from Pierrot.


Over the years Bonetti brought various changes. In '67 was represented half-length through the use of the technique of faux collage with the colors red and white alternated with white and blacks; further change came in '73, the suit became chess squares.

In 1980, Undine returned to his side, but no longer with the old costume, but wearing a white bikini in her place and the suit of Burlamacco changed again to place the chess squares, trapezoids and triangles appeared red on a cream background and in '90 took Burlamacco a more dynamic position, compared to the usual cross.





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