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Vasco Venturi Terracotta in Capraia near Montelupo


Venturi Vasco Terracotta 

The company venturi Vasco was born in 1985, in the area of Capraia and Limite, area known since the Middle Ages for the manufacture of handmade pottery for domestic use.

For three generations, is carried on the tradition of terracotta Venturi passed down from father to son. Today Vasco, with his wife and his father and the help of his cousin, continued to work with great enthusiasm.

A production of unique objects following the Tuscan tradition. Basins, pitchers, jars, vases and crockery for kitchen use to cook in a genuine way the dishes of the local tradition.


As Vasco tells us, a mixture of water and land is inserted in the ancient giant gas oven for 15 hours at 980 °. Then it has a 3-4 days drying phase… a long processes ... but it's worth waiting for the results !

If we want objects ready to be put on the fire like pots to cook soups, the operation is repeated firing at 980 ° for 15 hours after the painting step. It's basically a double cook with enamel. After that, the usual drying phase for 3-4 days.

So, to get his works require at least 20 days, unique works for their simplicity and accuracy.


To paste the various parts of terracotta, Vasco uses the mixture of water and earth obtained during the processing that takes the name of polime or borbottina ... a kind of substance in the middle between a yogurt and a paste adhesive, perfect to keep the pieces together.

In this way, come to life the pots, jars and all objects of Vasco.


The first firing takes the name of biscuit (biscotto), while the second in which the terracotta is painted and put again into the oven is called painted (verniciato). For the first process, in which objects are forged mostly for external, it is used the ground marl for external (terra galestro), while the more resistant fireclay is used for the second process (terra refrattaria).

Via Castelmartini, 29

50056 Capraia e Limite

Tel. 0571583535


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